Help the slime! (슬라임을 도와줘!)

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Help the slime! (슬라임을 도와줘!)는 슬라임이나 박스를 밀어 원래의 장소를 이동시키면 퍼즐이 완성되는 푸는 재미가 가득한 중독성 강한 퍼즐 게임입니다.

Help ths slime is a brain-strengthening puzzle game.

[ Prologue ]
There was a big earthquake in the area where the slimes lived, and the slimes dispersed from each other.

Originally, Slimes have a strong attachment to where they live. Why always appear in the same place when viewed in RPG!

Let’s help the scattered slimes get them back where they were! Then, the reward will follow.

[ Features ]
● Simple and easy controls
● Addictive puzzle
● Unique collections from various level stages
● Attractive graphics
● Interesting achievements

Let’s enjoy the game without stress.